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Printing Capabilities

UV INKS are the best inks available for flexographic and digital printing and Inline Label exclusively uses these inks for all printing processes.  UV inks give your label unparalleled quality, color consistency and bold, bright graphics on paper or film.

SPECIAL COATINGS at the disposal of Inline Label include gloss UV varnish, matte UV varnish and thermal transfer printable varnish.

DIE CUTTING is the process of using dies or sharp steel rules to cut a shaped label.  Inline Label carries hundreds of dies in stock and can die cut your unique shape.

LAMINATING occurs when a web of material is formed by bonding two or more materials together.  Lamination can give your label a high-end glossy or matte look.  It can also be used for label protection when moisture, chemicals, or abrasion-resistance is needed.

COLD FOIL STAMPING closely duplicates rotary hot foil stamping but is a faster, more efficient process that is also more cost-effective, as it does not require the costly brass dies needed for rotary hot foil stamping.

ROTARY EMBOSSING uses dies or male/female plates to provide a raised relief on the label.  This process gives a refined look to the label.

ROTARY HOT FOIL stamping uses the combination of heat, dwell time, pressure and stripping time to produce a high quality label.  This process utilizes laser engraved brass dies for the best possible quality.